Kids' yurt den pack

Kids' yurt den pack

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Cover with blankets, sheets, duvets, camo-nets, cardboard triangles etc to create a great little outside den. Uses fewer hubs and sticks and is a great entry-point into hubs, and a fun family project.


What's included:

  • 7x 6-way hubs
  • 6x 5-way hubs
  • 76x ball connectors
  • 76x wood screws
  • All metal work to clamp-up the hubs
  • 6x stainless steel base feet with galvanised ground anchors
  • 30x 4ft broom handles
  • 3m x 3m camo-net (Forest or White)
  • Build instructions


Recommended stick lengths:

Short: 730mm
Long: 840mm

This creates a hexagon footprint approx 1.5m in diameter with a maximum height in the middle of about 1.2m. The 3m x 3m camo-net will cover this size nicely.

If you want to make it bigger or smaller, increase or decrease the lengths proportionately.



If you want to source your own cover, select the 'Without camo-net' option.

Comes with 4ft broom handles which you cut to the size, see guidance above.

Pre-drilling a 2-3mm pilot hole for the wood screws is recommended to prevent splitting.

If the dome will be outside for any length of time, it's a good idea to treat the wood with an exterior varnish / paint or oil.


Delivery to mainland UK only.