Kids' yurt den pack

Kids' yurt den pack

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Cover with blankets, sheets, duvets, camo-nets, cardboard triangles etc to create a great little outside den. Uses fewer hubs and sticks and is a great entry-point into hubs, and a fun family project.


What's included:

  • 7x 6-way hubs
  • 6x 5-way hubs
  • 76x ball connectors
  • 76x wood screws
  • All metal work to clamp-up the hubs
  • 6x stainless steel base feet with galvanised ground anchors
  • 30x 4ft broom handles
  • 3m x 3m camo-net (Forest or White)

Recommended stick lengths:

Short: 730mm (x24)
Long: 837mm (x6)

This creates a hexagon footprint approx 1.5m in diameter with a maximum height in the middle of about 1.1m. The 3m x 3m camo-net will cover this size nicely.

If you want to make it bigger or smaller, see 'Calculating other sizes' below.



  • Start with a 6-way hub.
  • Connect six Longs into the 6-way hub.
  • Connect 5-ways on to the ends of the Longs.
  • Connect the 5-ways together with a ring of six Shorts.
  • Connect two Shorts into the remaining free sockets in the 5-way hubs.
  • Draw the Shorts together into a triangle.
  • Connect them together with 6-way hubs.
  • Connect the 6-ways together with a ring of six Shorts.
  • Attach the base feet and anchor to the ground.


Calculating other sizes:

This calculator is helpful for calculating the inner diameter and outer diameter of the hexagon.

The 'Side Length' is your Short stick length + 88mm.
The ‘Aphothem’ is the radius for the inner circular diameter.
The ‘Center to Vertex’ is the radius for the outer circular diameter.

The approximate height one layer up = 0.825 x Side length.
The approximate height of the point in the middle = 1.352 x Side length.

Short and Long stick lengths:
Once you've got dimensions you're happy with put the Short stick length (Side Length - 88mm) into our dome calculator here to get the Long stick length.


If you want to source your own cover, select the 'Without camo-net' option.

Comes with 4ft broom handles which you cut to the size, see guidance above.

Pre-drilling a 2-3mm pilot hole for the wood screws is recommended to prevent splitting.

If the dome will be outside for any length of time, it's a good idea to treat the wood with an exterior varnish / paint or oil.


Delivery to mainland UK only.