Ready to build: 3.2m (10' 6

Ready to build: 3.2m (10' 6") Pod Dome Fruit Cage

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A beautiful natural pod dome fruit cage in hazel or split chestnut.

(Hazel option shown)

'Ikea level' construction; comes ready to build - the sticks simply snap into the hubs and are clamped using the supplied allen key.

Includes stainless steel feet and galvanised ground anchors to secure the dome to soft ground / grass / etc.

Feet can be screwed to a wood or masonry base if preferred.

The stretchy fruit cage netting is thrown over the pod dome once complete and can be lifted for entry through the door.


  • Diameter: 3.2m  (10' 6")
  • Height: 2.35m  (7' 8")
  • Interior Diameter with more than 1.82m (6') of height: 1.93m  (6' 4") 

Quality components:

  • All exposed metal work is A2 grade stainless steel
  • Hubs are made from UV resistant automotive grade plastic
  • Natural untreated hazel or split chestnut hardwood poles
  • 10x stainless steel feet
  • 20x 10" galvanised nails / ground anchors
  • 1x 8m x 8m high quality woven bird netting
  • 40x hoop pegs for holding down netting
  • 5 year guarantee on all parts


  • Includes shipping to the UK
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks

Please enquire about shipping to rest of world.