DIY Kit: Up to 4.8m (16ft) Walk In Vegetable / Fruit Cage Dome Kit

DIY Kit: Up to 4.8m (16ft) Walk In Vegetable / Fruit Cage Dome Kit

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Everything you need to build up to a 4.8m diameter dome for growing fruit and / or vegetables.

(If you would like to have this product pre-made and shipped ready to 'snap together' please see the 'Ready to Snap Together' version, here.)


Please note that due to the size of the sticks we can only ship this full kit (including sticks) to mainland UK addresses

Makes a lovely weekend project and an eye-catching and strong structure, simply:

  1. Cut the sticks to the lengths shown in instructions
  2. Screw ball connectors on to sticks
  3. Snap the dome together
  4. Throw over the netting and pin down

Everything supplied

Full step-by-step instructions here:


  • Interesting, strong design
  • Copes with high winds and snow
  • High quality components
    (stainless steel and high performance plastic)
  • Only basic DIY skills required; simple sawing and screwing
  • Wood can be oiled, varnished, painted or stained to match surroundings
    (kit comes with danish oil for a durable natural look)


2.4m (8ft) internal height at centre
Over 1.8m (6ft) internal height in central 3.2m (10.5ft) diameter


1x    hubs kit
70x  1.5m round wooden poles (28mm) for the dome
10x  stainless steel feet
20x  10" galvanised nails / ground pegs
1x    8m x 8m high quality woven bird netting
40x  hoop pegs for holding down netting
1x   500ml Danish oil to protect the wood

Tools required:

Drill / Power driver - for screwing balls on to poles
Saw - for cutting the poles


Please note that this item is 3-5 days delivery and we can only deliver this item to mainland UK addresses. Sticks will arrive separately.


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