Kickstarter Dome Maker triple pack

Regular price £250.00 Christmas Offer

We were doing a little tidying up and found a packed up Dome Maker triple pack; a spare from the Kickstarter rewards we packed up. The cool thing is that the hubs are white, possibly the last white ones we have!

So if you'd like white hubs or just three regular kits at a good rate because they are bulk packed (without any nice packaging), then this could be for you.

What's included:

  • 60x white 6-way hubs
  • 18x white 5-way hubs
  • Accompanying metal work to clamp up the hubs
  • 450x wood screws with some extras
  • 600x ball connectors*

Also enough parts to make a 5/8s 3v with 12 spare 5-ways left over.


All the parts are bulk packed and not separated into individual kits. 

*Ball connectors are all functionally ok but a few might have some very slight deformations on the ribs, we've included 600 for good measure.