Pre-cut pod frame pack

Pre-cut pod frame pack

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This pack makes a neat pod structure; effectively a regular dome with another layer going straight down, creating a space with great headroom in a practical footprint.

The sticks are pre-cut to create a 3.2m diameter pod which gives a height of 2.4m in the middle with a good proportion of the diameter above 6ft (1.8m) in height. They are also pre-drilled, ready for the ball connectors to be screwed on.

Works really well as a garden room / arbour and you can add fruit cage netting or a camo-net if you'd like to use the pod as a grow-space or den.

You can read the through the build instructions here.


What's included:

  • Boxed hubs kit
  • 10x extra 6-way hubs with all parts
  • 50x Shorts; cut to length, pre-drilled 22mm diameter birch
  • 45 x Longs; cut to length, pre-drilled 22mm diameter birch
  • 2x cut to length, pre-drilled door sticks
  • 10x stainless steel base feet
  • 20x 10" galvanised ground anchors


  • Fruit cage netting with ground hoops
  • 'Forest' camo-netting


Stick sizes for reference:

  • 50x Short sticks at 786mm
  • 45x Long sticks at 900mm
  • 1x Short door stick at 1350mm
  • 1x Long door stick at 1491mm




The sticks come untreated so if the pod will be outside for any length of time, it's a good idea to treat the wood with an exterior varnish / paint or oil.



Delivery to mainland UK only.