Juliet's 'Motion Design' degree project

What we loved 

What a beautiful dome! The visuals of this structure really make it stand out and serve as a fantastic example of using covers and lighting to control the ambiance and aesthetic of your space. We absolutely love this creative approach—great job, Juliet!                                                                                                                                                                                 

Dome Builder

Juliet DSouza 



University of Southampton


dome details

Juliet’s dome served as her Degree Final Major Project for Motion Design, titled ‘Spaces (Undefined)’. The project featured spherically projected visuals to create an immersive experience.

2v or 3v:

4m diameter 

No base

Juliet used locally sourced reclaimed wood for the structural framework. 

Additional Parts:

The inside was lined with a hand-patterned, sewn fabric used as a projection surface. This fabric was also fashioned into a door to nearly blackout the interior, enhancing the visual projections. Attachment methods included velcro and zip-ties.

Juliet's dome was inspired by the concept of creating a playful and immersive space that steps away from traditional screens and high-tech simulations. The project rethinks the use of physical materials in shared digital experiences. 


    Project Pictures

    "Hubs is an amazing, thoughtfully designed kit. It allows you to be inventive with easy to follow plans and and high-quality connectors with great integral strength and durability. Build with hubs allowed me to fully realise my creative vision and I would highly recommend for any dome-related project!"


    Juliet's Tip:

    "Spend a lot of time planning with quick sketches and mini prototypes to help understand the geodesic structure and measurements before construction, or it can get a bit confusing!"


    Thanks to Juliet for sharing details of their project, it’s great to see our dome kits being used in such creative ways.

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