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Hubs mini - model 2v dome kit

Hubs mini - model 2v dome kit

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The kit uses easy to cut paper drinking straws as sticks. Great for testing ideas, or just a fun toy for a budding engineer.

1. Cut your straws to length
2. Push connectors into straws
3. Start connecting!

Comes with 50 straws - enough to make a 45cm (18") diameter dome with plenty of extras to experiment with. You also get 4 extra 6-way hubs to help with adaptation ideas.

Need more straws? The kit can be used with most standard (6mm) paper drinking straws, although we recommend buying a small number first to test the fit.


Age range?

We recommend the kit for age 6+.
There is a choking hazard due to small parts, so it's definitely not for children age 3 or under.