Adrian's picturesque picnic dome

What we loved 

This dome is beautiful, perfectly situated next to the lake, making it an ideal spot for a picnic. It's a wonderful example of how to create the perfect relaxation and event space. The covers and sticks blend seamlessly with the natural setting, and we absolutely love it. Great job!


dome builder

Adrian Sennewald 


Weisendorf, Germany


dome details

Adrian built his dome to provide shade for a picnic table by their beautiful lake. He purchased it as a gift for his kids, creating a project they could build together.


2v or 3v:

3.2m diameter

Yes, the dome includes a base made up of part rock amphitheater, and part raised on small beams/branches.

Additional Parts:
Adrian raised his dome, built a bench running through it, and created a door opening. Additionally, the dome is being used to guide an oak tree to grow around it.


    project pictures

    "An amazingly simple way to make a complex structure. It’s especially fun to build with kids. Their patience holds up, the feeling of accomplishment is tremendous"


    Adrian's tip:

    "Get a helping hand or two if you want to build it on a raised platform. If you have an opening consider that a single part massively weakens the structure. Plan ahead for that."


    Thanks to Adrian for sharing details of their project, it’s great to see our dome kits being used in such creative ways.

    For more on their work, check them out on Instagram @adriansennewald.

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