Claudio Guerrieri's interactive light dome at the Audiovisual Festival

What we loved 

Claudio's interactive light dome was truly impressive. We love seeing how people experiment with lighting in their domes, and his innovative idea of using the sticks as lights themselves stands out as particularly creative and inspiring. Good job Claudio!


Dome Builder

Claudio Guerrieri



Based in Rome; Dome built in Lecce, Italy 


dome details

Claudio’s dome was a central feature at Audiovisual Festival, designed to be an interactive light structure for public engagement.

2v or 3v:

4.80m diameter,  2.4m height

No, the dome was designed without a base to facilitate the light interactions.

Additional parts:
The dome was equipped with DMX controlled light bars to enhance the interactive light experience.
Claudio aimed to create a structure that wasn't just to be seen but experienced, blending art with technology to create an immersive interactive light environment.


    Project Pictures

    "I loved the system, it's brilliant."


    Claudio's Tip:

    "Give space to creativity." Claudio suggests allowing room for creativity to guide the design and functionality of the dome, emphasising the impact of innovative ideas on audience engagement.


    Thanks to Claudio for sharing details of their project, it’s great to see our dome kits being used in such creative ways.

    For more on their work, check them out on Instagram @warrior0 .
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