Shawn Tjoa's self-sustaining greenhouse dome

What we loved 

What really stands out to us here is the photovoltaic cover of this dome, but also the amount of planning and design that went into creating this self-sustaining greenhouse dome. Excellent work, Shawn!


Dome Builder

Shawn Tjoa


@shawn.tjoa, @studioluuseed



dome details

Shawn's dome, equipped with photovoltaic panels and polyethylene film, serves as a self-sustaining greenhouse. It was featured in a brand film for a global investment company based in Singapore.

2v or 3v:

4.5m diameter

The structure was constructed using cylindrical outdoor-treated hard timber rods of 20mm diameter each, with customised cladding panels.
Additional parts:
The design included an open section serving as the entry point. Rods were used in different lengths: A = 697mm x 30 pieces, B = 821mm x 40 pieces, C = 840mm x 50 pieces.
The dome was inspired by themes of self-sustainability, permaculture, and agricultural technology, aiming to represent a model for sustainable living.


    Project Pictures

    "As a set designer and fabricator myself, I was very impressed by the quality of the hubs, and the supporting info that made it so much fun to put it all together."



    "Label the 3 different rod lengths and print out a colored schematic plan when working on site - that way you save on the "thinking" and can focus on the building."


    Thanks to Shawn for sharing details of their project, it’s great to see our dome kits being used in such creative ways.

    For more on their work, check them out on Instagram @shawn.tjoa .
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