The Five Minute Gardener's chicken run

What we loved 

A great dome here by our friend The Five Minute Gardener, who built a chicken run with our hubs! The setup looks fantastic, and the sturdy sticks and cover provide a safe and secure area for the chickens to play. We look forward to seeing more of his creative dome projects!


Dome Builder

Derek Daly 


Nottingham, England

dome details

Juliet’s dome served as her Degree Final Major Project for Motion Design, titled ‘Spaces (Undefined)’. The project featured spherically projected visuals to create an immersive experience. Chicken run

2v or 3v:

4m diameter dome straight on the ground.

Straight on the ground.

Used locally sourced reclaimed wood for the structural framework. 

Additional Parts:
I used a strong metal mesh with the smallest holes I could get to cover the dome to keep my chickens as safe as possible. At the front, I removed one of the triangle sections and added a tall door that has a bolt on the outside to lock it and a hook on the inside so it can be closed while I’m in with the chickens. 

I really wanted to build something and I was bored of the traditional structures. I came across geodesic domes whilst searching through YouTube and soon found these kits that could help make it easier.


Project Pictures

"Really straightforward kits and help to make a great statement structure. I'm ready to start my next two already."


Derek's Tip:

"Take your time to plan out the extra features like doors or raised sides."


Thanks to Derek for sharing details of their project, it’s great to see our dome kits being used in such creative ways.

For more on their work, check them out on Instagram @fiveminutegardener.

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