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Shelter cover - to fit 4.8m diameter dome

Shelter cover - to fit 4.8m diameter dome

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Great for providing shelter and shade from the elements. Simple to attach and remove from the dome using the integrated hooks.

Create a shaded area in a garden, a shelter for outdoor activities, eg. Forest Schools and Cubs / Scouts, and can also create a really nice 'stand' for promotional events.


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What's included:

Bag containing the cover and 25x hanging eyelets.
(The eyelets provide the attachment points for the hooks on the cover.)

Please note:
This cover is intended to be added to the DIY Garden Dome Kit (not included with this cover), which includes 1x hanging eyelet - there are 26 hubs in the kit.

Our base feet and ground anchors can also be helpful to secure the base.

Buy all of these together our DIY Shelter Pack.
Buy the ready to build 4.8m hazel dome - shelter pack.





This cover fits a 4.8m diameter dome.

Sticks to make the 4.8m diameter dome:
  • Shorts: 1224mm
  • Longs: 1395mm
  • Two long sticks: 2315mm


Creating the shelter:

Creating the open side in the dome:

  • Build the full 4.8m dome as you would normally.
  • Try to get the base ring as circular as you can, to help with the fit of the cover.
  • Secure the base hubs that will still be retained after the open section is removed - the structure will be weak with the base being secured!
  • Remove the hubs and sticks whilst supporting the horizontal stick at the top of the opening.
  • Insert the two long sticks at either side of the opening.

Orientating and attaching the cover:
  • Open the cover out and find the obvious 'corners'.
  • Attach these to the hubs at the bottom left and right of the opening.
  • Another good check is that the hooks in the base are attached with elastic rather than woven (non stretchy) webbing.
  • Next connect the topmost hook, then the next pentagon out.
  • Then connect the hooks to the base ring.
  • Finally connect the remaining hooks.
  • At some points you'll need one person to push from the inside, whilst someone on the outside connects the hook into the eyelet.

Cover details:

Maintenance and care:
We'd recommend taking the cover down over autumn / winter, or if there is going to be a prolonged period of rain / dampness.
  • Brush off dirt when dry. 
  • Use a damp cloth and lukewarm water to clean more stubborn stains.
  • The teflon coating will help to make dirt and marks easier to remove.
  • Re-proofing; consider spray-on treatments, note that some options may affect flammability.
  • If packing away, ensure the cover is dry before putting it back in the bag.

  • 250gsm Polycotton (65% Polyester, 35% Cotton).
  • PU2000mm waterproof coating.
  • Seams stitched using expanding thread to help reduce leaks.
  • Teflon coating; anti-rot, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, oil-proofing, water repellant.
  • Fire-retardancy; part of manufacturing process, not applied as a coating.
  • UV protection.



Please note:
Ships to mainland UK only.
EU - please enquire.