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Pod upgrade from 2v

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A pack of ten 6-way hubs with associated ball connectors and wood screws and clamping metal work, which will enable you to add another layer to a regular 2v dome to create the 'Pod' structure.

Download the pod build instructions here.

Note that this doesn't include base feet or ground anchors.
You can see those here.


Additional sticks:

To create the extra height you need 20x Shorts.
For the new base you need 10x Longs.

Here's how to calculate the door sticks:
Door Short = 0.422 x Diameter
Door Long = 0.466 x Diameter


3.2m diameter pod lengths:
45x  900mm (Long)
50x  786mm (Short)
1x  1350mm (Door Short)
1x  1491mm (Door Long)